Current enhanced version 3.3 is only $19 for personal use

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AZZ Cardfile versions 2.x and 3.x are not freeware.
However, unregistered version is fully functional and has no expiration date.
Registration screen appears from time to time if you run unregistered version.

You can use previous freeware versions without time limit.
(AZZ Cardfile version 1.6 is available for downloading)


Benefits of registering

When you register AZZ Cardfile you will be entitled to:

  • Your personal registered version of AZZ Cardfile without the reminder window that appears when running the unregistered version. (You will receive a unique User ID and Serial Number.)

  • Free AZZ Cardfile version 3 updates. These can be downloaded directly from the AZZ Cardfile web site on the Internet. To be informed about newest updates, subscribe to announcement mailing list.

  • Priority e-mail support for AZZ Cardfile. (You must quote your User ID)

In addition, registering will enable the author to continue developing AZZ Cardfile and you will be maintaining the "honesty system" that is the basis of all shareware.

Buy Now


AZZ Cardfile version 3.2 has the following pricing:

  • Single user licenses, $19 per user.

  • A Site License costs $300 (equal to 15 users) and covers all locations for your organization within a 160 kilometer radius of your site (100 miles). One big advantage of a Site License is that you do not need to keep track of how many people at your site are using the software.

  • A World-Wide License costs $1000 and it covers all locations for your organization on the planet Earth.

Buy Now

Note: Before purchasing, you have to download, install and try AZZ Cardfile.
I do not send installation disks. The only thing I deliver is AZZ Cardfile registration codes (User ID and Serial Number).

You can purchase AZZ Cardfile online (KAGI order processing service)

In the process you will choose payment method, including instant credit card processing through secure server, phone order, FAX, check, wire bank transfer, PayPal and other.

Click here for online order form

AZZ Cardfile has a built-in protection scheme which disappears once you register. When payment processing service receives your payment, they will inform me (the author), and I will send you your registration codes along with instructions on how to enter them into AZZ Cardfile. If you provide an e-mail address with your payment, I will send you the registration codes via e-mail. If you do not have an email address, please provide your complete postal address.

I do not trade, distribute or otherwise market user information or e-mail addresses and will not do so in the future.

Sometimes registration codes are not delivered. I continue getting  messages with subject line:

Returned mail: User unknown.

In this case I am sending registration codes printed on paper using postal mail. It could take several weeks to get them from Lithuania. Therefore:

  • Be especially careful typing your e-mail address in registration form. If possible, provide several addresses separated by semicolons. Remember: in many cases e-mail addresses are case-sensitive (don't mix uppercase and lowercase letters).

  • Enter your correct postal address in registration form. I still have some customers unregistered, because my registration messages were not delivered and they did not send me their postal addresses. I don't know what to do in that case.

Buy Now

you may send cash equivalent to US $19.00 (in the case of single license) or check payable to Antanas Zdramys. Please specify your e-mail address.

The post address is:
Antanas Zdramys, P.O.Box 1510, LT-10009 Vilnius, Lithuania - Europe

Such order processing may take up to one month depending on your location

Free registration

I will arrange free AZZ Cardfile registration for active users who help me improve this application.
Below are some ways how to get license (registration codes) for $0.
If you are already registered, you can earn free registration for your friend.

  • Download and test AZZ Cardfile beta versions. Send me bug reports and suggestions. Include in your reports AZZ Cardfile and Windows version number, details about your  hardware. In some cases I could ask you to download and test some special patches, step-by-step debug versions, etc.

  • Send me useful .azz files. It can be various references and knowledge bases which you want to share with others. If you are author of such .azz file, if this file contains more than 100 cards, if I find it interesting, I will publish it in AZZ Cardfile Downloads page (with reference to you as author, of course). Samples.

  • Write and send me a short article about AZZ Cardfile, which I could use as source for press-releases.

  • Write about AZZ Cardfile in your web site and make link to download.

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