Keep your data according your own rules and easy find what you need with azzCardfile

MS Cardfile replacement for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bits)


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Use dictionaries to check spelling in azzCardfile cards. Several dictionaries could be used at the same time.

Dictionary files are compressed zip files. Download and unzip them to any place (e.g. "azzCardfile files" folder in your Documents). Then run azzCardfile and in the program menu select "Tools | Options | Advanced", then click "Add Dictionary".

You can find many other dictionary files supported azzCardfile in


Browse through long list of various useful collections, created for azzCardfile - among them 7,000 recipes, 1,500 PC tech tips, aromatherapy, dictionaries, humor, lyrics and much more. All files available to download and are absolutely free!

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Old versions

Version 3.3

Version 1.6 (freeware)

No Worries

azzCardfile is absolutely safe to install: it will not modify any system files, does not contain spyware, advertisements or alike.

During installation azzCardfile version 4 makes only one entry to Windows Registry for .azz file type association. After this Registry modification you can simply open Windows Explorer and double-click on any azzCardfile data file and Windows will know what to do - it will open azzCardfile and load the file that you selected.

All settings for azzCardfile version 4(last used data file, window position on screen etc.) are stored in .ini files.

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