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Antanas Zdramys
P. O. Box 1510
LT-10009, Vilnius

If you need help on installing, using or registering azzCardfile, I would kindly ask you to first browse through Frequently Asked Questions.

If you didn't find the appropriate answer in Frequently Asked Questions, or you'd like to comment on the program, submit suggestions for future releases or report what you think is a bug, please click "Help" on menu, select "About azzCardfile" and then click on "Mail to author".

I apologize that I can not reply to each and every E-mail (requests from registered users seeking support have a priority), however, I can assure that all of them will be taken into consideration.

Some tips that will speed up answering process:

If you want to be informed about the newest updates, subscribe to azzCardfile announcement mailing list.

I GUARANTEE THE PRIVACY OF ALL CUSTOMER INFORMATION. I do not trade, distribute or otherwise market user information or e-mail addresses and will not do so in the future.

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