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Here are frequently asked questions about AZZ Cardfile versions 3.3 ao earlier.

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Installation Questions

Registration Questions

AZZ Cardfile Using Questions

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Will AZZ Cardfile modify any of my system files including those related to outlook express?

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AZZ Cardfile add some items in registry (to remember last used files, window size, position, colors, fonts, etc.) It don't add/change any OCX, DLL, INI or other files in system directory.

Do I need to uninstall previous version before installing newest?

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No, if you are installing over version 2.0 or later.

You should always protect your data by backing it up. Before loading a project that was created with an earlier version of this product, be sure that copies of all of the files related to the project you're about to load are backed up and securely stored.

I have downloaded your file ( I'd like to have installation disk.

Extract file AZZCRD31.ZIP. You will have files SETUP.EXE, README.TXT and FILE_ID.DIZ Copy all three files to CD. Label this disk "AZZ Cardfile 3.1 setup". Then you will need to run SETUP.EXE and AZZ Cardfile will be installed.

NOTE: Total size of installation files (extracted) is about 1,6 MB, therefore, it will not fit to a single floppy disk. However, you can copy initial AZZCRD31.ZIP to the floppy and use it as installation disk (all you need is to extract files before installation).

Problem: the setup.exe file replies "no zip file specified" after hitting the Install button...

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Probably some archiving agents (Zip Magic, Zip Folders, NetZip or others) were active during installation. Temporary disable zip utilities and close all other applications before installing.

Any suggestions for backing up the program after registration?? I just wanted to since I have had to re-install a program from time to time.

You don't need to backup registered copy of AZZ Cardfile. Just keep installation file (download latest version). As registered user you must have your User ID and Serial Number. That is enough to make your AZZ Cardfile registered after re-installing. (Select Enter Data in Register menu).

By the way, I advise to backup your data files (*.AZZ) often. Just copy them to safe place, they are compressed using PKZIP algorithm , additional compression have no significant effect.

How to transfer AZZ Cardfile and all it's data to other computer?

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You can easy transfer data from one computer to other:

  1. Install AZZ Cardfile to the other computer (I suggest to download newest version from my web site).

  2. Enter your registration codes.

  3. Copy azz files from your first computer (AZZ Cardfile data is stored in azz files).

If you don't know where azz files are located, you can:

a) when AZZ Cardfile opens your file, click "Save as" in File menu

b) Select Start | Search in in Windows and apply *.azz file mask.


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I am using this program for home use, may I use my registration number on another PC I use?

Yes. According License Agreement:

"...One registered copy of AZZ Cardfile may either be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or installed on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by multiple people, but not both...."

For corporate use or network you must either purchase number of licenses equal to PCs that will use AZZ Cardfile or Site License. See pricing information.

Please give me an alternate way of paying you to register the copy of AZZ Cardfile I am currently testing. I can't give credit card numbers over the Internet, so how can I get this money to you.

There are several ways to pay avoiding credit cards.

1. Open AZZ Cardfile. In menu select Register | Register Now. Then select in Payment details Method (bottom left) "Check or Money Order". Fill all other details, print registration form and send it together with your check to Kagi. I am using Kagi payment processing service located in California. When they receive payment, they will inform you and me (by e-mail) and I will send your registration codes immediately.

2. You can send your check directly to me:
Antanas Zdramys P.O.Box 1510, LT-2040 Vilnius, Lithuania.
It will take 2-4 weeks.

I have sent my payment to Kagi, but so far I haven't received any code for the AZZ Cardfile program.

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Usually, after receiving payment, Kagi sends confirmation to payer and cc to me. After that I immediately send necessary registration codes. Did you receive any message from Kagi after you sent your check? If yes, please forward it to me. I will try to find out why I don't have this information. If no, contact with Kagi, perhaps your check didn't reach them. So far I had no problems with Kagi. Time period between payment and registering is 1-3 days.

Sometimes registration codes are not delivered. I continue getting messages with subject line:

Returned mail: User unknown.

In this case I am sending registration codes printed on paper using postal mail. It could take several weeks to get them from Lithuania.


  • Be especially careful typing your e-mail address in registration form. If possible, provide several addresses separated by semicolons. Remember: in many cases e-mail addresses are case-sensitive (don't mix uppercase and lowercase letters).

  • Enter your correct postal address in registration form. I still have some customers unregistered, because my registration messages were not delivered and they did not send me their postal addresses. I don't know what to do in that case.

My registration codes were not accepted.

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It happens typing incorrect characters in Serial Number. Perhaps you took letter "o" for figure "0", letter "I" for figure "1", etc. Copy your serial number to clipboard and paste it to registration dialog.

If you are using Windows 2000 (or NT, or XP), log-on as administrator during installation.

AZZ Cardfile won't accept the last four didgits of the Serial Number

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You should to enter your User ID in the User ID field (above) and the Serial Number in the Serial Number field.

My e-mail address has changed. I'd like to continue getting updates info.

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I do not collect E-mail addresses. It is being used only once to deliver registration codes when you purchase the license.

To update E-mail address for AZZ Cardfile announcements mailing list just send blank message:



Using AZZ Cardfile

What is cards count limit? What is card size limit?

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Cards limit is something about 2,000,000,000.
One card can hold large amount of data, limited by system memory resources.
Tested 100,000 cards, size of one card was over 10 MB.

However, if cards count is very large, some actions (add new card, paste card from clipboard, etc.) can take a long time.

How to backup and restore azz files?

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For unexpected events like computer crash, it is advisable to backup your data files (*.AZZ). To do this manually either use main menu File > Save, or Ctrl-S. Alternatively, check-mark Autosave every: (set your desired period) from Tools > Options. Backup-files have extension .bak (Myfile.bak for Myfile.azz) and by default(to change - use Options) reside in the same folder as original .azz file.

It is recommended to keep data files (.azz) in "My documents" or "Shared documents" folder (especially for Windows XP users).

Trying to open file I got a message: "WORK.AZZ is not an AZZ file".

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There could be several reasons.


It could happen, that file is saved using AZZ Cardfile version 3 and you try to open it with version 2.2. (perhaps different versions are in your work and home computers). There could be 2 solutions:

A) in your work computer (where is version 3.0) export file (File | Export) to version 2.x.

B) Install version 3.0 (available in my web site) to your home computer.


AZZ Cardfile creates *.tmp files when opens *.azz files. In successfully opening it deletes *.tmp. Probably, application did not terminate normally and there were some other error messages. For instance, you unsuccessfully tried to open file WORK.AZZ. First of all make backup of file WORK.AZZ. Then search in your disk file WORK.TMP. Delete it (WORK.TMP). Then try open WORK.AZZ again.

This problem is related to AZZ Cardfile versions 2.x and should not happen with version 3.0.


If nothing above helps, try to examine file structure - it could be somehow damaged.
Experiment with a copy of WORK.AZZ file, of course.
Try to open it with zip application (WinZip, or other).
If file version is 2.x, you should find file WORK.TMP inside this archive.
Extract it and open with any text processor (e.g. Notepad).
First line should be: LY1DL Another cardfile
Then should be cards with some tags.
If file version if 3.0, you should find files ABC.~h and ABC.~i inside zip.
If you can't unzip file at all, that means, it could be corrupted by some system crash during file saving.
Try to find backup copy.

How to export azz files to Microsoft Outlook Address Book?

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Step 1. Export to CSV (coma separated values) text file:
use menu File|Export, then in Export dialog: Export type: single line card. After Header: "," (without quotes). Leave other separators blank. Give name for result text file with extension .csv

Step 2. Import to MS Outlook: Open Address Book and use menu: File|Import|Address Book|Text File (CSV) ... and follow wizard.

How to import Microsoft Access data to AZZ Cardfile?

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MS Access is enough flexible to create necessary text files for importing to AZZ Cardfile.

Because I don't know structure of your mdb file, I can't give complete step-by-step instructions.

Actually AZZ Cardfile record (card) has only 2 fields: Index and Body.

In MS Access:

Before you can expoer from MS Access, you should rearrange your data, that first field corresponds card Index, other - Body.

If you want to join different fields to Index (e. g. First Name and Last Name), create query for that (make first field: C_IND:[FirstName]&" "&[LastName]). Then export it to delimited (Export | Text File | Delimited | Semicolon, text qual {none}, etc.).

In AZZ Cardfile:

File | Import | Text File | Delimited. Make delimiter semicolon (;). First field will be card Index, all other fields will be card body lines.

If you have basic understanding about MS Access tables and queries, it will be easy to export your data to AZZ Cardfile.

Alphabetical sorting feature of the Cards List has not worked, resulting in a listing not beginning with A going to the top of the list. Currently, a card called," XXX", always turns up at the beginning of the list.

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You have space letter before "XXX". You have " XXX". Just delete first letter (space) and you will have "XXX". AZZ Cardfile recognize character " " as the first letter of alphabet. It should be useful if you want to place card above the alphabetical order.

When you attempt to open a file, the program continues to say the file is open although nothing is visible.

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It could happen, that your file is already opened, but it is minimized and you don't see it on the Taskbar (bottom of screen). Look for small cardfile icon in Notification Area or System Tray (right part of the Taskbar, near the clock).

It is made for convenience, however, you can disable such minimizing by unchecking "Minimize to system tray" in the Tools | Options dialog General page.

I cannot add or delete any cards. The Add New Card and Delete Card options are grayed out.

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Most likely, you pressed "Lock cards" button (between "Find" and "Options").
After you release it, you will be able to edit cards.

It doesn't import the files of Cardfile (*.crd) telling that the files are not crd's. Can you help?

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Delete all graphics and other objects in the cards. If you can't import text-only cards, look inside crd file (open it with Notepad). MS Cardfile crd files start with letters "MGC" (it is described in documentation) , but, perhaps, your file started with other letters (view it with Notepad). Try to save them as ver. 3.0 and import again.

Is there a way to direct AZZ Cardfile to open with a given file each time rather than the default "last file used?"

AZZ Cardfile use file association. Just double-click on a given .azz file. You can make shortcut to this file as well.

How to use the program with a command line which will allow to open a specific file in a specific card?

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You can run AZZ Cardfile from command line (Start | Run) or shortcut, using parameters. First parameter is file name, second - card title. For instance, command line could be like this:

"AZZ Cardfile" "c:/xxx/yyy/zzz/abc.azz" "John"

When you run this command, AZZ Cardfile opens file abc.azz and shows first card with John in the title. It could be useful in some automation tasks, batch files. You can put such command in Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Can it be used on a network? Is the program multi-user?

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So far you can open AZZ file in exclusive mode - if somebody else tries to open a file, which you have already opened, a warning message will appear and a copy of the file will be opened. Then you can synchronize files using File | Merge menu item.

I plan to make real time network version in future.

How to change default font of the cards?

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You can change default font in Tools | Options | View dialog.
Click Font button in Colors and Fonts | Card default.
New cards will start to use your selected font.

If you want to change font of all existing cards, you should click button Set Font to All Cards

I need to print a list of the cards, with the card text behind the card titles. The existing list with just the Titles is not sufficient and printing as cards needs too much paper. I would like to have a single sheet of paper with all my favorite addresses on it.

Select in menu: File | Print Options, choose "All Cards" in "Print Object" and uncheck "Page break after each card".

Is there any way I can change the automatic email function so that Eudora and not Netscape will start up?

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Options | Advanced | Use Alternative e-mail client, then browse to Eudora executable.

When I change the color and fonts, it won't let me save the new scheme to a new name. If I go back to one of the existing schemes, then I have to reset all the colors and fonts again.

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Save/open Color and Font schemes is implemented in version 3.1.

If you have older version, try to do this:

1. Set necessary options (colors, fonts, etc.)

2. Open Regedit (in Windows: Start | Run, then type Regedit) and go to key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AZZ Cardfile\Options

3. Right-click on "Options" in the left side tree and select "Export".

4. You will get your options file (.reg).

Every time, when you need to restore your options, just double-click on this file.

What about envelope and labels printing?

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Hopefully, mailing labels and envelopes printing will be implemented in next versions. So far you can try to experiment with paper size, orientation and margins in page setup. Using proper combination, you can print on envelopes.

If you need more printing options - labels, enhanced headers/footers, or for some other reason printing is unsatisfactory from AZZ Cardfile - it is possible to print using larger word-processing applications, like MS Word.

On main toolbar File | Export | RTF File... Double-clicking the resultant *.rtf file will open your default word processor and all the formatting will be preserved.

Can AZZ Cardfile be adapted to a Palm Pilot?

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Unfortunately, I don't plan to make Palm Pilot or other handheld systems version in the near future.
However, I am thinking about synchronization.

So far you can try to export azz file(s) to txt and then import txt files to the Palm Pilot address book application.
Let me know if you need some special text import/export functions for this purpose.

Hopefully, PalmPilot (or Windows CE) support will be implemented later.

What is structure of .azz file?

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Version 2.2 or earlier

For better understanding of azz file structure:
Create N.AZZ file with some cards inside. Rename it to N.ZIP. Extract N.ZIP and you will get N.TMP. View N.TMP file with Notepad. You should see something like this:

LY1DL Another cardfile - TXT
<CREATED> 3.60281800862268E+0004
<LAST OPEN> 3.60281801517361E+0004
here should be contents of card AAA
here should be contents of card AAA
here should be contents of card AAA
<CREATED> 3.60281802287037E+0004
<LAST OPEN> 3.60281802629630E+0004
here should be contents of card BBB
here should be contents of card BBB
here should be contents of card BBB
If you use rich text format, the first line will be
LY1DL Another cardfile - RTF
and you will see formatting codes in card contents.
AZZ Cardfile versions 1 - 1.4 used this simple format. From version 1.5 I started to compress files using public domain zip algorithm. Therefore, now AZZ file is simple zip file with tmp file inside.

Version 3.0 or later

azz files has slightly different format than older versions. You can open all azz files with versions 3.x. If file is created/edited with this version, and you want to open it with older version, you should export it (File | Export).

What is changed?
Rename file.azz file to and open it with WinZip. You will find 2 files inside this archive: one contains index (.~i), other - card contents, or "heap" (.~h).

Why is changed?
In earlier versions, all file was loaded into memory. Now, when file can contain large objects (bitmaps), file size can grow to megabytes and heavily consume system resources. Therefore, only index file is loaded, cards contents is stored in temporary heap file. File opening process is much faster now.

My question is not answered here. Where can I send my question?

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